The Budget Mobile Era Arrives

Even early adopters are sick of paying for a pricey new gadget every few months
Illustration by 731

Scott Valins and his wife, Liz, are New York-based graphic designers with all the latest gear at home: iPhones, iPads, a pair of high-powered Macs, an assortment of digital music players, portable speakers, and an Apple TV. And they only use a fraction of it. Their barely touched iPad Mini lies buried under some mail, and with a young child, they rarely have time to turn on the TV. Once early adopters, the couple has abandoned routine upgrades. “Most of the incremental changes now seem less revolutionary and less of a must-have anyway,” says Scott, the creator of photobook app CanDoBaby, whose primary personal computing device is an iPhone 5S that he doesn’t feel any need to replace.

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