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Interstellar: A Hollywood Blockbuster That Arrives in Many Forms

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar
Matthew McConaughey in InterstellarPhotograph by Melinda Sue Gordon/Warner Bros./Paramount Pictures

Christopher Nolan is the sort of Hollywood director who’s bestowed attention for every new film. His latest, Interstellar, is getting noticed not just for its ambitious scope but the number of formats—six—in which audiences can see it.

The bankable auteur behind the Dark Knight trilogy has been a highly public advocate of traditional film cameras over digital technology, specifically the large-format IMAX screen. “Film is the best way to capture an image and project that image,” Nolan said at an event this year. “It just is, hands down.” Interstellar takes this technical focus to a new level, with three digital and three film formats of the Matthew McConaughey-led space exploration story.