Wavesmanship: The Battle for the Midterm 'Mandate'

The four arguments you'll likely hear after the polls close.

Ezra Klein is up with an article explaining that "if the 2012 election was only in the states voting for Senate today, Romney would have won." It's the latest in a string of Vox pieces about how "Republicans [can] be less popular than Democrats yet headed for a landslide," and it captures what most poli sci wonks on the left will say tomorrow. The 2014 election map is just spectacularly slanted toward Republicans. If the GOP won only the Senate races in states won by Mitt Romney, the GOP would take the Senate. If the GOP won only the races in states won in 2004 by George W. Bush (i.e., Romney states plus Iowa and Colorado), it would hold a 54-46 majority.

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