How Long Has the Lobster Sat Out?

Extended aging isn’t just a New York thing. Here are five international proteins worth traveling for.

Wild bull
Ones that don’t make the bullfighting team are aged six weeks and cooked sous vide at Taberna da Rua das Flores in Lisbon.

Restaurant Andre, Singapore’s top spot, leaves the meat out for two weeks so it forms a delicious crispy crust.

At the Clove Club in London, week-aged Scottish birds are paired with chanterelles and white truffles.

Wagyu beef
The costly cut chills for five weeks, then gets sliced thin, rolled, and grilled over charcoal at Sepia in Sydney.

If eight-week-aged deer’s too sad, Bones in Paris also offers aged young boar and côte de boeuf, cooked rare over eggs.

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