Senate Candidate on Smoking Weed on the Campaign Trail: 'I Actually Do'

North Carolina's Libertarian candidate on marijuana: “I'm not afraid of it.”
Photograph by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sean Haugh, the Libertarian candidate running for Senate in North Carolina, has been looked at as a possible spoiler for Republicans (read my colleague Dave Weigel's great profile of him here.) 

He's raised enough concern within the party that he could siphon off votes from Republican nominee Thom Tillis that an outside GOP group, the American Future Fund, launched online ads urging young voters (who ostensibly would otherwise back Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan), to vote for Haugh on the grounds that he supports legalizing marijuana and opposes war. 

A natural follow-up question for any supporter of legalizing marijuana happens to be: so, do you smoke? As it turns out, when it comes to Haugh, a pizza delivery driver, the answer is yes. 

In an interview with Matt Laslo, the veteran congressional reporter who now hosts "Bills and Brews," a web show where he chats with lawmakers and candidates over their favorite craft beers, Haugh says he supports legalizing heroin, marijuana and acid. Oh, and PCP, though adds that "you'd be stupid to take it."

"If we legalize all drugs, then people can feel free to come forward and seek help, seek treatment," Haugh explains to Laslo. "When you drive that stuff underground, you create a whole host of new problems." 

And has he smoked weed during his Senate campaign?

"I actually do," Haugh says. He goes on to explain why he partakes, one of a number of reasons why you should check out the whole episode. (Seriously. It's worth your time.)