The Zinger Double Down King and More Incredible Things From KFC Around the World

You may have heard about KFC’s Zinger Double Down King burger, a sandwich available at the chain’s Korean restaurants that makes the American Double Down look downright tame. It’s a beef patty topped with bacon, topped with barbecue and white pepper sauces, sandwiched between two fried chicken fillets. This crunchy meat puck has 750 calories, which is probably not as bad as you might have guessed.

If you’re thinking that a sandwich alone does not a meal make, KFC has something for you: The Zinger Double Down King also comes in a combo with two additional pieces of chicken and a side of coleslaw.

Courtesy KFC/SRS KOREA Co.

American fast-food companies seem eager to test the limits of their extreme food creations overseas. Pizza Hut, also owned by KFC parent company Yum! Brands, recently introduced a pizza in Luxembourg with a crust made of pigs in blankets.

A KFC Korea spokesperson said in an e-mail: “The Double Down has been a very popular menu item in Korea since it was first introduced in 2012. The new Zinger Double Down King was created for consumers with a hearty appetite and a fondness for meat.” Hey, at least there’s no bread.

News about the sandwich has aroused a mix of emotions on the Internet: incredulousness, horror, jealousy. But KFC actually has some other daring items on its overseas menus. Take, for instance, these three options in Korea:

Zinger Double Down Maxx: hash brown patty, bacon, cheese, chicken (742 calories):

Courtesy KFC/SRS Korea

Double Cheese Tower Burger: chicken, hash brown patty, slice of cheese, liquid cheese (572 calories):

Courtesy KFC/SRS Korea

Grill Maxx: (for health nuts) grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato on top of a hash brown (494 calories):

Courtesy KFC/SRS Korea

Also consider this breakfast burger in South Africa, which includes a chicken fillet topped with not just a hash brown, but also an egg, a slice of cheese, tomato relish, and creamy dressing:

Courtesy KFC South Africa

And this chicken sandwich smothered in corn-speckled Philadelphia cream cheese in Brazil:

Courtesy KFC Brazil

As well as this Alfredo pasta bowl topped with Original Recipe chicken in the Philippines:

Courtesy KFC Philippines

Even Canada gets a Triple Decker chicken sandwich that “leaves no hunger unsatisfied”:

Courtesy KFC Canada/Yum! Restaurants International

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