Pollster Finds Embattled Governor Leads by 13 and Trails by 17 – in the Same Poll

A robo-pollster tries a fresh and strange experiment with scandal questions.

Yesterday, the robo-pollster SurveyUSA released a crop of fantastic numbers for Oregon's Democrats. Senator Jeff Merkley, a first-termer who won a very close 2008 race, led his once-touted Republican opponent by 21 points. Ballot Measure 91, which would legalize marijuana in the state, was up by 11 points. And Governor John Kitzhaber, seeking a fourth term, appeared to have weathered the Danielle Steele-worthy scandals that had ensnared his fiancé Cynthia Hayes, everything from a secret green card marriage to her consulting work for a company that lobbied he governor. Kitzhaber's lead over Dennis Richardson, a state representative widely viewed as too right-wing to compete, had actually grown from 12 to 13 points since the scandals emerged.

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