Last of the Kardashians

How Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie, has risen to become the most popular sibling

Can the world handle another Kardashian? Kylie Jenner—the 17-year-old half-sister of Kim, 34—has become an obsession among teen fashion fans, according to e-commerce sites such as Polyvore, which has seen searches for her name surpass those for her sisters’. Known for her blue hair and a style that she dubs “girlie goth” or “super edgy,” she has a look that’s slightly more school-appropriate than those of her older sisters’. “Young women that age can go to their own closets and put it together,” says her mom, Kris Jenner. It’s “very accessible.” In turn, brands such as Steve Madden, OPI, and Forever21 have paid Kylie to tweet promotional content, model for back-to-school campaigns, and design pleather high heels. It’s estimated by tabloids that she’s already a millionaire, and Kylie’s now being home-schooled so she has more time to contribute to the family business. Mom says even her sisters are fans: “I realized two to three years ago, my older daughters were asking Kylie for fashion advice.”

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