7 Games of 'Would You Rather' With Chris Christie

Like Hillary Clinton, Christie knows a thing or two about hard choices.
Photograph by Getty Images

The children's game Would You Rather is good practice for politicians. Eventually they graduate from questions like, “Would you rather eat a spider or dip your hand in a bucket of them?” to ones  like, “Would you rather bomb the brutal terrorists or not tacitly help the barbaric dictator?” 

Good Would You Rather questions have no truly preferable answer. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie plays Would You Rather with some regularity, recently choosing death over a career in the Senate. Here's a look back at some of his choices: 

1. Would you rather get a filling or listen to the Philadelphia Eagles fight song? 

Christie told a high school football team in Camden, N.J., earlier this month that he would rather have painful and expensive dental work than hear the Eagles fight song, a polarizing remark in the South Jersey town.

“I’d rather have my teeth drilled than listen to that awful song, ‘Fly, Eagles Fly,’” Christie said. 

This, of course, is a reasonable and understandable choice.

2. Would you rather drown in the Potomac River or be a U.S. Senator? 

The governor said at an NAACP conference this month that he would rather die a painful and terrifying death than be a Senator. Specifically, he said he would rather "walk into the Potomac River and drown."

3. Would you rather win a presidential election or stay true to your character? 

Christie said in a radio interview over the summer that he would rather sacrifice the presidency than compromise his integrity.

“I would rather lose than try to pretend to be somebody else,” he said.

It's actually good that he knows this about himself because it means the obvious answer is, "Don't run for president." 

4. Would you rather be the governor of New Jersey or do anything else in the world?  

Christie said at New Jersey's annual Town Hall in March that he would rather be governor of New Jersey than do literally anything else.

“There’s no job in the world that I’d rather have than this one,” Christie said. 

This means he would prefer governing the Garden State to being an astronaut, a Dallas Cowboy or a roadie for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 

5. Would you rather cut taxes or not cut taxes? 

Get ready for this one. It's a shocker. The Republican opted to cut taxes. In February of 2012, after implementing a state-wide 10-percent income tax cut, Christie told Piers Morgan that he would rather let New Jerseyans, billionaires and Joe Schmos alike, figure out what to do with their own money than let the government have it. 

“They've earned the right to keep some of that money because, believe me, if they send it down here, the people down the hall will figure out a way to spend it,” Christie said. “I'd rather have them keep it, invest it in their families and -- and let them decide how to spend that money.” 

6. Would you rather know you can win a presidential election or know you would be a good president? 

He told Morgan a year earlier would rather know he would be a good president but not that he'd win than know he could win but not that he'd be good. Did you follow that? 

“I wouldn't want to say, ‘I know I can win, I hope I'm ready,’” Christie said. “I'd rather say, ‘I know I'm ready, I hope I can win.’”

7. Would you rather have a president who knows about politics or who knows about management? 

Earlier in his gubernatorial career, in May of 2011, Bloomberg reported that Christie spoke to a group representing Chinese Americans called Committee of 100 and played presidential Would You Rather while taking a dig at President Barack Obama. 

“I am not enamored with having a master political strategist in the White House,” he said. “I would rather have a leader.”