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Facebook's Egg Freezing Policy Isn't an Evil Plot

Frozen embryos and eggs in nitrogen cooled container
Frozen embryos and eggs in nitrogen cooled containerPhotograph by Ted Horowitz/Corbis

In retrospect, of course the move by Facebook and Apple to pay female workers to freeze their eggs would be greeted with some cynicism. An employer handing over $20,000 to facilitate delayed childbirth must be hoping for something in return— perhaps years of labor uninterrupted by soccer games and ballet recitals?

There’s one glaring problem with the dystopian reading, at least as far as the Menlo Park social network goes: Facebook happens to offer tremendously plush incentives to employees who do choose to have children. Employees are eligible for $4,000 in cash when they become parents, whether biologically or through adoption. The company also offers four months of paid parental leave to mothers and fathers, with considerable flexibility on how that leave is taken. Facebook subsidizes daycare and has nursing rooms on campus.