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Under Armour Holds a Game Show to Find Its Future

Under Armour Holds a Game Show to Find Its Future
Photograph by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When Canada needed to pick a starting goalie for the 2014 Winter Olympics hockey final in February, the team relied, in part, on biometric readings produced by Omegawave, a small Finnish company. Carey Price’s nervous system was sending particularly fast signals that morning, so he got the nod and promptly shut out the Swedes to secure the gold. The same tool helped coaches from the Barclays Premier League track the vitals of their players when global stars traveled home for national team games on Oct. 10-11.

Now, Omegawave is turning its focus from elite athletes to weekend warriors, and the company expects its route to the mass market runs through Baltimore. That’s where Under Armour held its annual Future Show on Oct. 9-10, a competition designed to help the sports-apparel giant find tech talent and ideas.