The Latest British University Innovation: Taking a Wee in the Shower

Going to the bathroom seems like the sort of thing that would be immune from the endless torrent of idealism coursing out of college students worldwide. It isn’t!

Two enterprising young activists are putting the United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia on the map with a bold proposal for conserving water: make people pee in the shower.

“Usually, most people need to have a wee when they first get up, so just hold off until you first get into the shower,” Chris Dobson, one of the leaders of the campaign, told CBC radio. Dobson also sent CBC a photo of his actual pee going down the drain, in case the one thing holding you back from following his advice was that you couldn’t really see it happening.

Dobson and his partner in earnestness, fellow student Debs Torr, told the BBC that if everyone on campus followed their lead, the initiative could save enough to fill 26 Olympic pools. (With water.)

A whole £7.30, or $11.80, could be saved per Brit, the BBC said, if “people spend their first morning penny in the shower” every day for a year.

Dobson is intent on supporting his peers, whichever way they flow.

“Consent is a big thing. You don’t just wee in the shower that you’re sharing with someone else without saying it,” he told the CBC.

He gushed: “I live with my girlfriend and she is a proud wee’r in the shower.”

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