London School of Economics Bans Rugby Club Over Pamphlet

The London School of Economics said it will study inclusivity at the university after the men’s rugby club was disbanded for distributing misogynistic and homophobic leaflets during orientation.

The LSE Students’ Union voted to close the club for the rest of the academic year and withdraw it from competitions. Disciplinary action is possible, LSE said on its website.

“It is not enough to say we condemn hostility and bias against members of our community from a few individuals,” Craig Calhoun, director and president of LSE, said in a statement today. “LSE must lead the way in seeking to achieve a Higher Education sector that is truly and genuinely open to all.”

The 70-member women’s rugby team is a separate entity unaffected by the sanctions. Almost a quarter of LSE’s 11,000 students have joined sports clubs, the students’ union said.

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