Seven People Who Can Replace Eric Holder and Save Barack Obama

The betting odds on the candidates for attorney general.

Five years and eight months after taking office, two years and three months after being held in contempt by a Republican House of Representatives, Eric Holder is announcing that he'll leave the Department of Justice.  That contempt vote was both popular and stunningly ineffective, enraging Holder and turning him into a more outspoken and implacable foe of Republican policies on voting rights and policing. (A couple of weeks after Darrell Issa blew him the raspberry, Holder referred to voter ID laws as "poll taxes." Things escalated from there.) Holder was rumored to want out after the 2012 election, or at least early in 2014. He stuck around long enough to intervene aggressively in a post-shooting Ferguson, Missouri. The lawyer best known for the Marc Rich pardon is leaving as a civil rights lightning rod.

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