Rick Perry: U.S. Should Use Energy 'as a Weapon'

In a speech Thursday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that American should work to obtain the "largest arsenal" of energy in the world.
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To hear Texas Governor Rick Perry tell it, natural gas production and oil drilling should be used to deter our geo-political enemies.

Speaking at the Texas Public Policy Foundation on Thursday night, Perry advocated building an "energy shield" to protect the country and our allies from the likes of Russia in the years to come, Brietbart reported. 

"With the natural gas we now produce we can help liberate our European allies from Russian energy aggression," Perry said, adding that, "energy is a weapon in the hand of aggressor. So I say if energy is going to be used as a weapon America should have the largest arsenal."

Perry pointed to projects like the Keystone pipeline as potentially supplying the resources needed to wage that energy war, which, just as Ronald Reagan achieved with the nuclear arms race against the former Soviet Union, would ultimately lead, in Perry's view, to greater freedom and prosperity. 

"And the arsenal of American energy should not be used to bully other nations but to set them free," Perry said.