Where Are the Koch Brothers?

You won't see much of them on TV.

Democrats love talking about how billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch spend money trying to influence the outcome of elections. See "Kochville," the "Koch sisters" and any of these speeches by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

But these days you won't see much of them on TV.

In the 10 most competitive Senate races, the Koch-backed nonprofit Americans for Prosperity hasn't aired a single television commercial since the primary season ended on Sept. 9, according to Kantar Media's CMAG data. This is a whopping turnaround from the spring and summer, when the group dominated the airwaves with a raft of anti-Obamacare commercials.

Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super-PAC affiliated with a different Koch-backed group, has so far paid to air 1,576 commercials for Republicans in competitive Senate races since Sept. 9.

To put the number in perspective, liberal billionaire Tom Steyer's NextGen Climate Action Committee has aired almost 3,010 spots in the same time frame — twice as many as the Koch-backed groups. And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dwarfed the number of ads by the two Koch-backed group, airing 7,054 spots in the same time frame.

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