The 10 Kinds of Republican Reactions to Eric Holder’s Resignation

U.S. Attorney General Holder points his finger as he talks to Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro in 2011 Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

“Republicans Cheer Holder Resignation” is as dog-bites-man as stories come. Republicans had been demanding Eric Holder’s resignation since the early days of the investigation into Fast and Furious, the gun-running sting that was not actually Holder’s idea. Seriously: Three whole years ago, the Daily Caller was asking Republicans whether they wanted Holder to resign. Almost all of them said “aye.” It got so heated that Holder was photographed wagging his finger at the Caller’s Neil Munro, telling his site to “stop this” totally non-“organic” campaign to make him look like he was going to resign in disgrace.

They didn’t get the disgrace, but Republicans got the resignation. Across Twitter, and across the busy election-time press release shops, I count at least 10 kinds of Holder touchdown dances:

1. Rhyming.

2. Snark.

3. Snark, but more in sorrow than in anger. (Note that the sender of this tweet was the first beneficiary of the Chamber of Commerce’s 2013-14 campaign to stop the GOP from nominating wild-eyed loser candidates.)

4. White-hot outrage that’s too hot for commas.

5. Simplicity.

6. Misplaced optimism.

7. Remembering the time you totally nailed that guy.

8. Forgetting the Civil War.

9. Reminding people that the contempt vote was really very popular at the time.

10. Building up your campaign e-mail list.

Cornyn’s campaign link calls Holder the man “responsible for Fast and Furious,” which is not what the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General called him. Did the campaign miss a step? Not at all. You might not have noticed it, unless you read conservative media, but it’s been just a month or so since an Obama appointee to the D.C. circuit asked the White House to turn over a log of documents related to the scandal.

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