Airbus Thinks Airplane Bathrooms Take Up Too Much Space

Image courtesy Zodiac Aerospace

Airbus thinks the cozy dimensions of its airplane bathrooms are taking up too much space.

The lavatories on the A320, which were moved to the back of the plane in a redesign two years ago, now take too much room away from the food-prep station. A new design for the Airbus plane shrinks the width of one of the bathrooms, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The redesign isn’t only about making spaces smaller. The overhead bins will use a pivot design to create 10 percent more space, so at least your luggage can really stretch out.

Roomier luggage bins aren’t hard to imagine—Boeing has already been using the pivot—but a narrower airplane bathroom seems improbable. Airbus did not immediately respond to an e-mail inquiry about the dimensions of its smaller bathrooms. Let’s just hope it’s more forgiving than the ones Indiana Pacers’ 7-foot-2 Roy Hibbert and other flyers have suffered through.

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