Genghis Khan Is on Bill Clinton's Bucket List

The 42nd president dreams of a nomadic existence.
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Who knew Mongolia is on Bill Clinton's bucket list, much less that he dreamed of riding across it on horseback? As he addressed the 10th meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative today, the former president welcomed world leaders including Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, the leader of Mongolia, who Clinton said had assured him they're waiting for his visit and that "I have a good horse waiting for me to ride across the desert."

Mongolia, Clinton continued, is "famously on my bucket list."

What is he even talking about? Some elaboration from 2009 in The Washington Post:

I want to go to Mongolia and ride a horse across the steppes and pretend I am in Genghis Khan's horde — but I'm not hurting anybody! I want to go to Antarctica. There are places where I have been where I have only been working. I would like to take Hillary to climb Kilimanjaro, while there is still snow up there.

And where did Bubba find all this inspiration? From his wife, it would seem. At the Iowa Steak Fry last week, she ceremoniously flipped a slab of cow while remembering her glory days in the Far East. "For four years as secretary of state I was more likely to be eating yak meat in Mongolia, having a great time doing it, but thinking a lot about being back home," she said.

Bill, of course, is a vegetarian.