Technicon's Windowless Jet Gives Passengers Plenty to Look At

Technicon’s Ixion jet concept lacks windows, but not views

Courtesy Technicon
Courtesy Technicon

What if airplane passengers could be enveloped in panoramas instead of having to peer out of little windows for a view? That’s the idea behind the Ixion, a private jet concept developed by Technicon Design. The plane’s interior would be lined with ultrathin, flexible screens that display streamed images from a variety of sources. The screens could show real-time views of sky and landscape shot by high-resolution 360-degree cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior or scenery from other locales. Movies and videoconferences could be on the menu as well. Displays would be changed with a simple hand gesture, à la Wii or Xbox’s Kinect. “You can entirely tailor the experience to your preferences,” says Gareth Davies, who led the design team that came up with the concept. Less adventurous flyers could program the screens to display a classic cabin interior with little windows.

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