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Fonts Designed for Coders and Bloggers

Designers create typefaces to ease the work of coders and bloggers
Fonts Designed for Coders and Bloggers

Like many software developers, David Jonathan Ross is picky about the tools he uses. And like many developers, when he can’t find a tool he needs, he makes it himself. His latest creation isn’t an algorithm or an app, it’s a font. Ross, a typographer by training, designed it for one specific job: writing code.

Input, which made its debut last month, is the latest member of a relatively new species called writing typography. The term was coined by Oliver Reichenstein, creator of a popular word processing app called iA Writer that relies on one customized font, Nitti Light. Designers such as Ross and Reichenstein are catering to programmers, bloggers, and even novelists—in other words, anyone who makes a living from inputting text on a screen.