Iran Makes Good on Warnings, Cuts Water to Tehran Users

Iran has backed up months of warnings to Tehran residents to reduce their water use amid continuing shortages by cutting supplies to those deemed as consuming too much, state media said.

Some 3,057 “large consumers” of water in the capital have had their supplies cut by seven hours a day, said Rasoul Bagheri, Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Co. deputy for revenue and consumer affairs, according to an Iranian Students News Agency report. Bagheri didn’t say how long the punishments would last or what it would take for a return to normalcy.

The government has urged Iranians all year to be more mindful of their water consumption. President Hassan Rouhani called for a water conservation plan in 2013 to address Iran’s “historic” shortage. City tap water is overused, farmers must be more efficient and use irrigation, and illegal drilling of wells that deplete underground sources must be reined in, Rouhani said last October.

Mohammad Parvaresh, director of the Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Co. said residents whose usage surpassed 50 cubic meters a month would undergo interruptions should the consumption pattern not improve. About 3,000 families in the Iranian capital were identified, and warnings issued, Parvaresh was cited as saying in an Aug. 6 report in the Tehran-based Kayhan newspaper.

Since December, when residents were first sent literature cautioning them to decrease consumption to appropriate levels, periodic reminders have been sent, Bagheri was quoted as saying in a report by the Iranian Labour News Agency.

The capital has 3.6 million water consumers, 3.2 million of whom are private users, ISNA said today. The city itself has 9 million residents.

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