Perry Criticizes Obama’s Lack of Syria Conflict Strategy

Texas Governor Rick Perry, a potential Republican contender for the presidency in 2016, attacked President Barack Obama’s lack of a strategy for confronting the Islamic State militants in Syria.

“America has to confront this evil, because if we don’t the price will only go up,” Perry said before about 3,000 people at a conference in Dallas for Americans for Prosperity, a political vehicle of Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries. “The world needs a president who is not one step behind. It’s a clear and present danger to the free world.”

Other Republican speakers at the conference include U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The sessions address topics such as spending cuts, regulation and health care.

Perry, 64, charged with political corruption this month by a grand jury in Austin, said Obama has been “dithering and debating” about whether to strike Islamic State havens inside Syria. Obama, in remarks Aug. 29, said a strategy for confronting the extremist group is still being formed.

Any expansion of the military campaign against Islamic State, a group fighting in Iraq and Syria, will require action by other governments in the region, Obama said. He said the U.S. will keep up air strikes on Islamic State positions and equipment in northern Iraq.

The “core priority,” he said, is protecting U.S. personnel there and preventing extremists from overrunning the country.

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