MORE: SNB’s Danthine Says Bonus Limits Should Be Order of Day

“At the minimum, as far as I’m concerned, should put an end to unlimited cash bonuses, claw back clauses as a substitute for unlimited liability. And bonus limits should be the order of the day. There has been progress on that front,” Swiss National Bank Vice President Jean-Pierre Danthine says. * Danthine: “Rules on remuneration should apply not only to senior management but to traders” * Danthine: “We should make sure in the future that those who misbehave should pay the price” * NOTE: Danthine, who oversees SNB’s regulatory division, at European Financial Association Meeting in Lugano, Switzerland * NOTE: Having propped up UBS during financial crisis by letting it spin off risky assets into a central bank fund, Swiss enacted capital adequacy rules for big banks more stringent than Basel

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