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Robot Butler Debuts At Cupertino, CA Hotel

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Having a digital assistant safely housed in your iPhone isn't exactly revolutionary in 2014, but what about one that rolls up to your hotel room door with those extra towels you needed? Tomorrow, August 20th, Aloft hotels will let a robotic bulter called A.L.O. loose in the halls of its Cupertino, CA property. The concept is intriguing enough that we'll almost forgive them for calling it a "botlr."

Aloft is the self-described "tech-forward, innovation hub for millennial-minded travelers" within the Starwood Hotels & Resorts portfolio. Previously Aloft has launched programs targeting younger customers such as a "Cool Concierge," and it was quick to add Apple TV to its list of in-room services. There's no doubt that Aloft wants to give the appearance of being a staunchly 21st-century hotel, and replacing soft white gloves with glossy white plastic is certainly one way to go about it.