The Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Gets a Revival -- And a Watch to Match

The Jaguar Lightweight E-Type is one of those classic cars that gets even the most amateur auto enthusiast's heart throbbing. Earlier this year Jaguar announced that it would be reviving the legend, building six more Lightweight E-Types in a new Heritage department on the site of the original Browns Lane factory in Coventry, England. This will bring the total production run to only 18 cars, the number originally intended when construction began in 1963.

And what better to go with a historic race car than a limited edition watch to match? In partnership with Jaguar, British watchmaker Bremont has created the aptly-named Bremont Lightweight E-Type, which both captures the spirit of the E-Type and utilizes materials from the actual cars' construction.

Only six Bremont Lightweight E-Types will roll out of the brand's Henley-on-Thames headquarters. It's no coincidence that there is one watch for each Jaguar -- the collectors hand-picked to receive the coupes will have the option to order the watch along with it. Yes, even with an estimated price tag well into the seven-figure range (in British pounds), the watch is not included in the package. If any clients turn down the chance, a watch or two might become available to the general public, though Bremont is mum on any specifics.

"We were always keen for [the watches] to find homes, like the cars, with those who genuinely appreciated them the most," said Bremont co-founder Nick English via email. "Although this could well be with the car owners, it could also very likely be with someone completely independent."

The Jaguar E-Type's signature style is its combination of Connery-era-Bond swagger and high-tech engineering. Following suit, the Bremont Lightweight E-Type's dial is a modified take on the period-style Smiths gauges found in the Jaguar's dash, complete with "red zone" indicator and a brushed chrome disc anchoring the hands. Each dial also has the chassis number of its partner car printed right at 6 o'clock.


The 43mm case uses Bremont's trademark "Trip-Tick" three-piece construction. White gold front and back sections flank a caseband made from aluminum reserved from the construction of the Lightweight's distinctive body panels. Tire treads circle the crown -- period-correct Dunlop racing treads, of course -- and Jaguar logos can be found on both the dial and the end of the crown, too.

Looking through the sapphire caseback you'll see a special version of Bremont's BWC/01 movement, created exclusively for Bremont in collaboration with Swiss maker La Joux-Perret. Most notably, the large winding rotor is modeled on the three-spoke Lightweight steering wheel and even has the same wooden rim. The case back is finished off with the engine number of the matching car, another connection between the two machines. As with all Bremont watches, the Lightweight E-Type is a certified chronometer, guaranteeing a high standard of accuracy and durability.

Because the production is so limited and customers will be hand-selected, neither Bremont nor Jaguar are sharing price information for the car or the matching watch.

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