China Raises Total Desalination Plant Capacity by 16% in 2013

China, the world’s most populous nation, raised its desalination plant capacity by about 16 percent last year, after promoting the industry to counter water shortages.

The country in 2013 added daily capacity that can generate 125,500 metric tons of water stripped of salt and other minerals, bringing its total to 900,800 tons, according to an Aug. 13 statement on the website of the State Oceanic Administration. Costs are about 5 yuan (81 cents) to 8 yuan each ton, it said.

Most of the plants are in coastal cities and islands lacking water, said the agency. The desalinated water will mainly be supplied to industries in the north of the country and homes in the south, it said.

China’s northern city of Tianjin, and Hebei and Shandong provinces, now have the most desalination capacity, according to the administration.

— With assistance by Feifei Shen

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