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City Maps Made by Judgmental Jerks

These fearlessly biased maps point out areas of "religious wackadoodles," "white guilt," and "Kardashian watchers."
Possibly offensive, but alarmingly accurate.
Possibly offensive, but alarmingly accurate.RBD Enterprises

Where do the "super white people" live in Manhattan? Where are the "rednecks with no teeth" in Northern Virginia and the "hipster wannabes from Orange County" in L.A.?

The answers may or may not be found in "Judgmental Maps," a fearlessly opinionated project that seems designed to troll America's biggest cities. Curated by Austin comedian Trent Gillaspie, the maps provide alternative names for neighborhoods that reflect their makers' biased views. They are frequently hilarious, sometimes almost fully wrong, and more often than not gloriously profane.