U.K. Renewables Generated 14.9 Percent of Electricity

U.K. renewable-energy companies provided 14.9 percent of the nation’s electricity last year, the government said, raised the share from 14.8 percent reported in March.

The proportion from renewables in 2012 was 11.3 percent, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said today in a statement. The volume of all energy consumed from renewables rose to 5.2 percent in 2013 from 4.2 percent a year earlier, the department said, confirming last month’s data, which include energy used for power, heating and transportation.

Ministers are relying on the power generation industry to achieve the bulk of the U.K.’s European Union target to derive 15 percent of all energy from clean sources by 2020. The government estimates it needs to get about 30 percent of power from renewables to meet the goal.

“The government’s investment in renewable energy is paying off: renewable electricity has more than doubled in just four years,” Energy Secretary Ed Davey said today in an e-mailed statement. “This massive investment in green energy is accelerating, with 2013 a record year, with almost 8 billion pounds ($13.5 billion) invested across a range of renewable technologies.”

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