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Netflix's 50 Million Subscribers Face a Flood of New Shows

Netflix’s second-quarter results popped out Monday afternoon, and here are the highlights: The company posted revenue of $1.15 billion vs. $837 million in the same period last year. Its net income hit $71 million, up from $29 million, and it now has more than 50 million customers worldwide—50.05 million, to be precise. Investors gave Netflix a pat on the back for increasing its subscribers at a healthy clip, sending shares 1 percent higher in after-hours trading.
Let’s step away from the numbers, though, and head to the second section of Netflix’s letter to shareholders (pdf), where the company discussed what it lovingly refers to as “Content.” After going on for a bit about its 31 Emmy nominations and the debut of a new season of Hemlock Grove, Netflix listed its cavalcade of coming shows:

OK, no one in their right mind should brag about being associated even loosely with Cloud Atlas. Fair enough. But beyond that, you have to feel gobsmacked after digesting Netflix’s list of shows. Whatever and Hulu are working on can’t match this in quantity or quality of talent. (Netflix has transported Coach Taylor to the Florida Keys. Think about it.)