Schaeuble Questions Whether Moscovici Should Get Commission Post

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble questioned whether former French finance minister Pierre Moscovici should be nominated as the European Commission’s next monetary and economic affairs chief given his country’s budget woes.

In a question-and-answer session after a speech in the southwestern German city of Freiburg, Schaeuble said France’s violation of European Union budget rules and possible commission action against the country may stand in the way of Moscovici getting the job.

“France will present figures in autumn and the commission will examine them and if it has doubts about the figures then that’s a real problem,” Schaeuble said at an event organized by the Centre for European Policy. Whether a French citizen should be given the responsibility of managing the EC’s monetary and economic affairs under the circumstances “is up to smarter people than I to decide,” he said.

European Union leaders nominated Jean-Claude Juncker to the commission presidency, a key post because the group is charged with proposing and enforcing EU laws, monitoring national economies and negotiating trade deals. The position of Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner has been held by Finland’s Olli Rehn, who stepped down to join the European Parliament.

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