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ZIP Codes of the Super Rich

Ten percent of ZIP codes in the San Jose metro have median home values of more than $2 million.
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Wikimedia Commons/Atwater Village Newbie

When the housing market crashed in 2007, it was hard to imagine that, less than a decade later, home prices would return to and exceed these already stratospheric levels in some of the country’s most expensive neighborhoods. In June, a three-unit penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park became New York City's most expensive listing—at a nearly surreal $118.5 million, or about $7,600 per square foot.

While this one-off example is staggering, I wanted to look more broadly at the neighborhoods across America where housing values have reached stratospheric prices. To get at this, the housing and real estate site Zillow provided us with their estimates of current median home values for neighborhoods across the United States. The data provided to us by Zillow’s Krishna Rao cover roughly half of the 43,000 ZIP codes currently in use in the United States, focusing on those where Zillow has enough information to be accurate with their estimates. The table below shows the ten most expensive ZIP codes in America.