Three Foreign Grills, Plus an American Giant, to Impress Your Friends

As far as summer cookouts go, there’s nothing more satisfying than a grill that makes you feel like a master of all things burgers and dogs. But you and everyone else in your subdivision may have some version of the same stainless-steel unit on your decks by now. Here are some new ideas for grilling with style.

This to-go grill by Danish designer Eva Solo stacks like bamboo steamers. A strap can be wrapped around the parts to hold them together, so the user can carry it by the lid handle.

Part fashion accessory, part meat cooker, this grill from Spanish designer RS Barcelona disguises itself as a briefcase. The rectangular shape also makes storage easy.

The Grillo is a lightweight folding grill by Italian company FormAxiom. Inspired by an umbrella, it takes a totable tube shape when closed. To open it, you push up the stretchers from the bottom. The charcoal sits on metal mesh that folds up easily. The Grillo is not yet for sale.

It’s no surprise that the lone American grill in this collection is also the largest. For at-home grillers who seek company while they cook, California-based Caliber Range and New York design firm Rockwell Group created an almost 5-foot-long unit—with 675 square inches of cooking surface area—that they’re billing as “the world’s first social grill.” The idea is for people to linger around this massive centerpiece.

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