Canada Crop Acreage Flooded by Deluge Seen Falling by 4 Million

A deluge of rains across growing regions in Canada means that about 4 million acres probably are too wet to plant with crops ranging from barley to soybeans to wheat, according to LeftField Commodity Research.

The declines for wheat seeding and canola may reach 1 million acres for each crop, compared with the latest government estimates, said Chuck Penner, the owner of LeftField in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Statistics Canada estimated wheat sowings this year at 24.1 million acres and canola at 20.2 million acres, the agency said June 27.

Parts of Saskatchewan, Canada’s top producer of spring wheat and canola, and southwestern Manitoba have declared a state of emergency after as much as 200 millimeters (8 inches) of rain fell over the weekend.

“Some fields will be completely flooded out, so those will be lost,” Penner said in a telephone interview.

Parts of the prairies received record rain since the start of the growing season, and Saskatchewan has had as much as triple the normal amount in the past month, Martell Crop Projections said in a June 26 report. Conditions are similar to 2010, when excess moisture led to a 15 percent drop in wheat production, Martell said.

The rain has “devastated” parts of southwestern Manitoba, where farmers were unable to seed 75 percent of their land before the weekend’s deluge hit, Doug Chorney, the president of Manitoba-based Keystone Agricultural Producers, said in a telephone interview.

“It’s a full-blown crisis,” Chorney said.

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