Grumpy Cat to Star in Least Cheerful Christmas Movie Ever

Justin Bieber got a record deal by posting videos on YouTube. Megan Amram became a Parks and Recreation writer by posting funny things on Twitter. And Grumpy Cat is now a movie star, all because someone posted picture of its frowning face on Reddit in 2012.

Photograph by Lifetime/AP Photo

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will air on Lifetime this coming holiday season. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the idea came to Lifetime’s vice president of original movies Arturo Interian through his teenage daughters, who are big fans of the cat. The script is written by SpongeBob SquarePants writers and is about a pet store cat who befriends a little girl and then is unhappy or something. Interian describes it as “a little Home Alone and a little Die Hard,” which we’re just going to assume is a bit of a stretch.

Lifetime’s movie is just the latest in a string of Grumpy Cat-related products: The cat now boasts Grumpaccino coffee, a New York Times bestselling book, and a job as a Friskies spokesperson (spokescat?). Grumpy Cat’s worth was valued at $1 million. Her career path is similar to that of Maru, the Japanese cat that has been jumping into boxes on Youtube since 2008. Maru also has DVDs and books and has starred in Japanese commercials for several years. Then there’s Henri, the Seattle cat that earns $1,000 a week through the online store associated with his faux French videos. Grumpy Cat remains unimpressed.

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