Most Read on Bloomberg: Draghi, Bond Demand, Barclays, ECB Rate

The following list comprises the of the most-read stories. Lists are based on daily statistics through Friday, June 6.


1. Draghi Unveils Historic Measures to Counter Deflation Threat

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Mario Draghi unveiled an unprecedented round of measures to help the European Central Bank’s record-low interest rates feed through to an economy threatened by deflation.

2. Unstoppable $100 Trillion Bond Market Renders Models Useless

June 2 (Bloomberg) -- If the insatiable demand for bonds has upended the models you use to value them, you’re not alone.

3. Barclays Said to Start Cutting Jobs in Investment Banking

June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Barclays Plc, the U.K.’s second-biggest lender by assets, will start cutting hundreds of jobs across its investment bank this week, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

4. Draghi Takes ECB Deposit Rate Negative in Historic Move

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank cut its deposit rate below zero and said it would announce further measures later today as policy makers try to counter the prospect of deflation in the world’s second-largest economy.

5. Violin Pools Beckon as Goldman Alumni Seek Upgrades to Good Life

June 3 (Bloomberg) -- What’s ambitious about Jay Dweck’s bathroom isn’t the television by his whirlpool tub or the screen that will face his toilet and bidet. It isn’t the wide nook in his shower for a third TV and one more across from the sink, or his plan to have each turn on automatically when he’s nearby.

6. KKR Liquidates Equity Hedge Fund Led by Ex-Goldman’s Howard

June 2 (Bloomberg) -- KKR & Co. is shutting its equity hedge fund, about three years after hiring former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. proprietary trader Bob Howard to run it.

7. JPMorgan Sees Record $100 Billion in Loan Funds: Credit Markets

June 4 (Bloomberg) -- The business of bundling junk-rated corporate loans into top-rated securities is booming like never before after the implementation of regulation aimed at making the financial system safer.

8. Dimon’s Raise Haunts BNP Paribas as U.S. Weighs $10 Billion Fine

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- When JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon got a 74 percent raise in January, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara fumed. He had forced the bank just weeks before to pay $1.7 billion for enabling Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. And yet Dimon was being rewarded.

9. Blackstone Exec Builds Vacation Empire With Luxury in Outdoors

June 4 (Bloomberg) -- “In order to be successful, you have to be totally focused on what’s going on around you,” Chad Pike says during a drive from the Colorado mountain town of Crested Butte to the nearby banks of the Taylor River.

10. BNP Executive Firings Sought by Lawsky Amid Sanctions Talk

June 6 (Bloomberg) -- New York’s top banking regulator, Benjamin Lawsky, is pressing BNP Paribas SA to dismiss one of its top executives as part of settlement negotiations with the U.S. over alleged sanctions violations, according to a person familiar with the matter.


1. Icahn’s Poker Buddy’s Golf Buddy Made Good Trades: Matt Levine

June 2 (Bloomberg View) -- One question about the big Carl Icahn golf insider-trading investigation is, who leaked it to the press, and why? My initial assumption was that the government leaked it, to try to shake loose some information after coming to a series of dead ends in the investigation. Maybe if it was in the papers, someone in the vast network of golfing insider traders would read about it and contact the FBI to confess.

2. Obama Finally Keeps Promise on Climate Change: Michael Bloomberg

June 1 (Bloomberg View) -- Less than a week before the 2012 election, I endorsed President Barack Obama for one main reason: his commitment to confronting climate change with bold new initiatives. New York City had just come through Hurricane Sandy, and it was painfully clear that rising sea levels and intensifying storms could no longer be ignored in Washington.

3. Donald Trump Talks China Nonsense as Debt Surges: William Pesek

June 2 (Bloomberg View) -- It took China to prove Friedrich Nietzsche wrong. What didn’t kill the Communist Party hasn’t made it stronger. It’s only making the inevitable crash bigger, more spectacular and needlessly dangerous.

4. Banks That Cannot Pay the Fine Should Not Commit the Crime: View

June 5 (Bloomberg View) -- President Barack Obama’s dinner on Thursday with French President Francois Hollande might be a little chilly. Obama’s hosts are furious that their country’s flagship financial institution, BNP Paribas SA, may soon have to plead guilty to violating U.S. sanctions laws, pay $10 billion in penalties and temporarily stop conducting business in dollars.

5. Why Is American Mobile-Phone Service So Awful?

June 5 (Bloomberg View) -- Yesterday on my commute to work, I became annoyed with the spotty coverage and slow connection provided by Verizon Wireless. I tweeted my frustration.


1. Draghi Says ECB Measures ‘Significant,’ More Possible

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank President Mario Draghi unveils an unprecedented round of measures to counter the threat of deflation, including a negative deposit rate and the opening of a 400-billion-euro ($546 billion) liquidity channel tied to bank lending. Officials will also start work related to outright purchases of asset-backed securities.

2. 2014 Commencement Speakers Tell Grads to Lead, Be Bold

June 4 (Bloomberg) –- College graduates were mentored, lectured, congratulated and humored by an array of politicians, movie stars, CEOs and comedians this year as they were handed their diplomas. This montage includes excerpts of speeches from President Obama, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sean Combs, Sheryl Sandberg and many others.

3. Blankfein, Bloomberg on Small Business: Charlie Rose

June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg discuss business and its importance to the economy with Charlie Rose.

4. Stocks Still ‘Somewhat Undervalued,’ Jeremy Siegel Says

June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Jeremy Siegel, a finance professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, talks about the outlook for stocks, bonds and the economy.

5. Kings Top Rangers 3-2 in Overtime of Stanley Cup Opener

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Justin Williams scored four minutes, 36 seconds into overtime as the Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals. Game 2 of the best-of-seven series is scheduled for Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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