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Fitbit for Testosterone Junkies: Health-Tracking Gadgets Reach the Molecular Level

CueCourtesy Cue

The experiment kicked off a year ago when Ayub Khattak, co-founder of the health-monitoring startup Cue, resolved to eat only quinoa, leafy greens, and the like. His business partner, Clint Sever, subsisted on fast food. Every day, four times a day, they measured themselves using their company’s namesake device, which can gauge testosterone, the luteinizing hormone linked to female fertility, vitamin D, and inflammation. Cue also produces an accurate diagnosis of influenza.

“It was fascinating to see what happened,” Khattak recalls of their one-month experiment, which coincided with an intense period of development for their startup. Their respective diets had an easily trackable effect, and Sever’s fast-food intake took a toll. “A few hours after eating junk food, your inflammation levels spike,” says Sever. After two weeks, he found his inflammation stopped dropping back down to its previous levels. “The baseline went up and stayed up.”