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Chobani’s ‘How Matters’ Campaign Causes Headaches for Yogurt Maker

Earlier this year, yogurt maker Chobani and its ad agency Droga5 launched a campaign, timed to run at the same time as the Super Bowl, emphasizing the “how” of food, specifically under the tag “how matters.” This seemingly innocuous campaign is suddenly causing some trouble for the country’s largest yogurt brand.

The first problem cropped up in the form of a lawsuit filed this month by Dov Seidman, chief executive of business ethics consultancy LRN, claiming that Chobani and Droga5 stole the “how” marketing tag. LRN’s founding principle, as stated on its website, is “HOW you do what you do matters more than ever.” Seidman also published a book in 2007 entitled How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything (with a foreword by Bill Clinton). He also has trademarked uses of the word “how” in publications, consulting, and education, though Chobani has trademarked “how matters.”