The End of a Poofy Era: Jessica McClintock Stops Making Prom Dresses

Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink Photograph by Paramount via Everett Collection

Ah, prom. That one magical night when you wedge your feet into your first pair of uncomfortable strappy heels, curl your hair into too-tight ringlets that your mom swears will “fall” into beautiful waves (lies! All lies!), and then get whisked away in your date’s family minivan to the school gym or local Marriott where you hold sweaty hands and shuffle around the dance floor. His rented tux doesn’t fit quite right and you’re wearing a sherbet-colored Jessica McClintock dress that makes you look like a cake decoration. The DJ plays Seal’s Kiss From a Rose something like nine times and then your friend Ashley spills “punch” all down your other friend Tiffany’s dress. Is that your idea of prom? Congratulations, you’re old. And so is Jessica McClintock, which is partly why she’s retiring.

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