The Ex-Banker Behind the $3 Billion Apple-Beats Deal

The Beats deal thrusts the ex-Goldman banker into the spotlight
Photo illustration by 731

Apple is arguably the most famous company in the world, but its top dealmaker prefers to stay in the shadows. Adrian Perica, a former Goldman Sachs banker, sometimes holds meetings with executives of companies he’s interested in buying at an unmarked building adjacent to Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters, according to two people who have negotiated with Apple. Such precautions are warranted: A February report in the San Francisco Chronicle that Perica had hosted Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk at Apple’s main campus set off a frenzy of speculation that the iPhone maker was considering buying the carmaker. “When you’re the gatekeeper at a company like Apple, that puts you in a very valuable position,” says Eric Risley, a managing partner at mergers-and-acquisitions advisory firm Architect Partners, who has pitched Apple on deals.

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