Fed Up Review: Food Addiction Isn't a Metaphor

Ariel Gulchin in the documentary film Fed Up Photograph by Scott Sinkler/Sundance Institute via AP Photo

The new documentary Fed Up begins its indictment of the food industry with Brady Kluge, an articulate 15-year-old who weighs 215 pounds. Forty-seven percent of his body is fat. Another teenager featured in the film is so obese that his doctor suggests bariatric surgery. One boy worries about having a stroke before he’s 20. They’re all trying—and failing—to lose weight. Kluge says it’s because he’s addicted to sugar, and sugar is in so much of our food. The scientists interviewed agree. Sugar is making us fat and sick, and the food industry doesn’t care. Gary Taubes, a science journalist, says: “If we want to cure obesity, we have to demonize the food industry.”

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