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Harvard Prof Invents a Phone That Sends Smells

The oPhone
The oPhone Courtesy Vapor Communications

As elevator pitches go, isn’t “Snapchat for smells”—at first whiff—a little suspect? Not so, says David Edwards, Harvard professor and creator of what he calls the oPhone–an app-plus-atomizer combo that lets users tag images with scents and send them around the Web: “We think it’ll just be a lot of fun to be able to include olfactory notes as a wink, an emoticon.”

The oPhone, which Edwards invented with Rachel Field, a former student of his at Harvard, will come as a pair of cylindrical receivers, each containing scent chips with enough aromas to create over 300,000 unique smells. The chips are small, long-lasting, and economical, Edwards says, and can be replaced much like ink cartridges. A pack of four will cost $20. The phones themselves will be available for $149 in preorder mode on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo as of June 17.