Proof the NFL Draft Doesn't Run Out of Gems After the First Round

The NFL Draft, which started Thursday and runs into the weekend, is an exercise in volatility and unpredictability. Just ask Johnny Football. The problem, of course, is that many college football players turn out to be busts—even the stars selected first overall. That’s why JaMarcus Russell isn’t exactly a household name.

All hope isn’t lost if your favorite team blows its early-round selections on players who will never make a difference. Based on stats compiled by data visualization firm Aragorn, here’s a look at current Hall of Famers based on which round they were drafted:

In total, we see a very even split: 97 players drafted in the first round and another 98 who weren’t. There have been past drafts extending beyond the seventh round, and more than two dozen Hall of Famers came from that group as well.

The one round that seems to be oddly under-represented is the sixth, which has minted fewer greats than the seventh. When Tom Brady enters the Hall, he will be only the second sixth-round pick to make it.

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