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For Stroke Victims, Jintronix Software Turns Rehab Into a Game

Jintronix uses a Kinect sensor to keep stroke victims moving

Each year about 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke, and many who survive need months, even years, of intensive therapy to recover and then retain muscle function. Frequently, they have trouble getting to outpatient physical therapy sessions or doing exercises correctly at home. Insurance coverage is often insufficient.

“Therapy options are limited and expensive, and we just don’t have enough therapists,” says Aaron Bunnell, an attending physician in the department of physical and rehabilitation medicine at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Bunnell’s hospital is among the first in the U.S. to test Jintronix, a subscription-based set of PC games and exercises designed to stimulate recovery using Microsoft’s Kinect, a motion-sensing camera created for use with the company’s Xbox game consoles. The Kinect’s motion tracker allows players to interact with what they see on the screen.