Liev Schreiber: Birth of a Pitchman

Can the actor Liev Schreiber pull off the role of a real-life ad exec?
Schreiber, who often plays antiheroes, cracks a small smile Photograph by Harry Gould Harvey IV for Bloomberg Businessweek

The actor Liev Schreiber has never limited himself to a particular medium. He’s worked in film, theater, and television and narrated dozens of documentaries. He wrote and directed the 2005 adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s debut novel, Everything Is Illuminated, and has dabbled in voice-over work for Infiniti car commercials. “Coming from a family with no money, I had always had my eyes on the prize,” he says. But his latest career move sounds like the whim of a relatively rich man: He started an advertising agency. Schreiber acknowledges it’s a strange next step. “In my own industry, I know the parameters, and I know what my function is, and I fulfill it,” he says. “I think there’s a learning curve [in advertising] for me, and I’ve always enjoyed a learning curve.”

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