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A Suit Designed for Biking to Work and Taking Meetings

Parker Dusseau Commuter Suit
Parker Dusseau Commuter SuitPhotograph by Scott Hammel

Biking to work in most U.S. cities presents a long list of roadblocks topped, at least outside Portland, by the lack of designated bike lanes and the risk of injury because of missing infrastructure. Then there are the fashion hazards involved. What’s comfortable to wear for cycling—think spandex shorts—isn’t appropriate for the office.

“The biggest common complaint [cyclists] have is that they have to change their clothes once they get to work,” says Vaughn Brown, whose San Francisco-based company, Parker Dusseau, attempts to address that bugaboo with the Commuter Suit, combining the look of a well-tailored two-piece with the stretch of workout clothes. The inspiration, says Brown, was to make “clothing that allowed me to be active but also allowed me to look the way I want to look.”