West Virginians Owe $1,035 Each for Rotten Infrastructure

West Virginia led U.S. states with $1,035 needed per resident each year to fix and maintain roads, drinking-water systems and airports, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg ranked the states and District of Columbia based on the annual per-capita cost of needed repairs and upkeep for that infrastructure from 2013 through 2017.

The analysis was based on costs of improving state-owned roads in poor condition and data from the Federal Aviation Administration and other agencies, as well as a March report from Smart Growth America and Taxpayers for Common Sense.

West Virginia needs $1.84 billion a year for road repairs, $58 million for projects to provide safe drinking water and $22 million for development at airports considered significant to national transportation, the analysis said.

After the Mountain State, Wyoming and North Dakota had the highest annual need per resident at $700 and $649, respectively, according to the ranking. The three states with the lowest amounts were California, $103; Massachusetts, $96; and New Jersey, $78.

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