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Scott DeLong's Success Formula for Viral Nova

How a kid from Ohio makes millions arbitraging traffic on the Web
Scott DeLong
Scott DeLongPhotograph by Ryan Lowry for Bloomberg Businessweek

Scott DeLong often receives e-mails from strangers asking for advice on how to get rich from the Internet. “I try and send them helpful stuff,” he says. “But I just can’t hold your hand and teach you how to do it. It’s like, ‘OK, start five years ago, do the research. Learn everything.’ ”

DeLong lives alone in a four-bedroom house that backs up to a cornfield on the outskirts of North Canton, Ohio. When he’s feeling stressed—like when his network servers hundreds of miles away in New Jersey crash from too much traffic, which has happened a lot lately—he retreats to his rec room and shoots hoops on an arcade-style basketball game. “It can get very, for lack of a better word, lonely,” he says.