Elsa's Frozen Dress: The Hottest Gown in Town

The film’s huge success has set off a rush for the Elsa dress
Originally priced at $150, now offered for up to 10x more on Ebay Courtesy Disney(2)

Aaryn Costello is searching for the perfect dress, a 30-inch-long light-blue number with a sparkly bodice and a detachable white cape. That would be the Elsa dress from the Walt Disney hit Frozen, the most sought-after fashion item among the kindergarten set. Many stores are sold out, and limited-edition versions originally sold by Disney have been offered for up to $1,600 on EBay. Desperate parents are sewing their own or shelling out up to $225 for replicas on craft sites such as etsy.com. “Every mom in the world is dying for this dress,” says Costello, a Los Angeles marketing consultant with a Frozen-obsessed 4-year-old.

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