Dinosaurs Go Extinct. Again: Today's Top Read

Good afternoon! Here are today's top reads:

  • China cuts in coal use may mean world emissions peak before 2020 (Bloomberg )
  • Fake seeds force Ugandan farmers to resort to 'bronze age' agriculture (Guardian )
  • U.S. drought retreats 15 percent in one year (Climate Central )
  • Deadly bat disease found in Wisconsin, Michigan (Scientific American )
  • New global scorecard aims to promote urban development without cars (Reuters )
  • Cancer 'miracle' patients studied anew for disease clues (Bloomberg )
  • How the U.S. power grid is like a big pile of sand (National Journal )
  • Environmentalists doing it wrong, again (Washington Pos t )
  • 'Dinosaurs of the turtle world' at risk in Southeast U.S. rivers (Science Daily )

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